The deep value determines how many levels of data are returned by a query. Only things count towards this value. See deep() for more info about the deep value.

The default deep value for the @node and @thingsdb scopes has been set to 127, this is the maximum value. Collections will inherit the deep value from the @thingsdb scope so they also have 127 as their default unless the @thingsdb scope is changed.

This function can be used to change the deep value for a scope.

Be careful with changing the deep value as this will effect queries where deep has not explicitly been specified.

Use deep(); to view the current deep value in a scope.

This function generates a change.


set_default_deep(scope, deep)


Argument Type Description
scope str (required) Specify the scope to change the time zone for.
deep int (required) New deep value, between 0 and 127.

Return value

Returns nil if successful.


This code changes the password for user admin:

// Change the default deep value for collection "stuff" to 1
set_default_deep('//stuff', 1);

Return value in JSON format