When sending a query, calling a procedure or subscribing to a thing, the request will require you to provide a scope. ThingsDB has three scope categories: @thingsdb, @node and @collection.

scope short description
@thingsdb @t ThingsDB scope; Used for managing user accounts, collections and nodes.
@node @n Current node scope; For node info and statistics from the connected node.
@node:ID @n:ID Specific node scope; Get node info and statistics from a specific node Id (Id should be replaced with a node ID, for example 0).
@collection:NAME @:NAME Collection scope; A collection where things are stored.
@collection:ID @:ID Collection scope; By collection Id instead of the using the collection name.

Scopes names do allow an alternative syntax where the @ and : are replaced with the / character. For example @collection:stuff can be written as /collection/stuff and the short version @:stuff may be written as //stuff.