Build from source

First, install the following required dependencies:

  • libuv1
  • libpcre2
  • libyajl
  • libcurl
  • libcleri (>=1.0.0)

When using Debian/Ubuntu; libuv1, libpcre2, libyajl and libcurl can be installed using apt:

sudo apt-get install -y \
    libuv1-dev \
    libpcre2-dev \
    libyajl-dev \
    libcurl4-nss-dev \

Libcleri can be compiled and installed from the source code:

git clone
cd libcleri/Release
sudo make install

Note: At least version 0.12.x for library libcleri-dev is required.

Next, clone the ThingsDB project.

git clone

Then compile the source code to make it executable.

cd ThingsDB/Release
make clean && make

Finally, you might want to create a symlink like this:

sudo ln -s ~/ThingsDB/Release/thingsdb /usr/local/bin/thingsdb