All nested arrays are immutable and thus tuples.

list = [];
list.push(['this list will be nested and therefore convert to a tuple']);

// Check that the first item in `list` is indeed a `tuple`

// Check that the `tuple` is indeed immutable
assert(is_err(try(list[0].push('cannot be added to a tuple'))));

A tuple only becomes a tuple when it is nested inside another tuple or list, which means the tuple will be immutable.


Function Description
choice Return a random item from a tuple.
copy Copy a tuple (same as dup unless a non-zero deep argument is used).
dup Duplicate a tuple.
each Iterate over all items in a tuple.
every Check if all items pass a given test.
filter Return a new list with items that pass a given test.
find Return the first item that pass a given test.
find_index Return the index of the first item that pass a given test.
first Return the first item from a tuple.
has Return true if a given value is found in the tuple, or false if not found.
index_of Return the index of a given value, or nil if not found.
is_unique Returns true if each item in a tuple is unique or false if a duplicate is found.
join Returns a string with all items joined.
last Return the last item from a tuple.
len Return the length of the tuple.
map Return a new list with the results of calling a provided closure on every item.
reduce Execute a reducer function on each item, resulting in a single output value.
reverse Return a new list with the items in reverse order.
some Check if at least one item passes a given test.
sort Return a new sorted list.
unique Returns a new list without duplicate items.

The above functions correspond to those of a list. For that reason, they are only listed under the data type list.