Converts a thing into an typed thing.

Before a thing may be converted, all the properties of the thing must have an exact match with the properties defined by the Type. It you later want to change tome properties, the function mod_type can be used.

Since the root of a collection is also a thing, it is possible to use this function to make the collection strict.

It is not possible to convert a thing into a Type with relations. Relations can be made after the conversion.

This function works only on a thing and can not be undone. Converting a thing is therefore permanent.

This function generates a change.




Argument Type Description
type str Name of the Type to convert the thing into.

Return value

Returns nil when successful.


This code converts a collection into a Type using the to_type() function:

// Create a type `Root`
set_type('Root', {
    name: 'str'

// Create a name property so the collection will match with type `Root`
.name = 'Example';

// Convert the collection into type `Root`

Return value in JSON format