Find the parent(s) of a given thing.

This function is useful for debugging purposes and must not be used in production queries as the function isn’t optimized for speed.

This function does not generate a change.

Function, [options])


Argument Type Description
needle thing The thing to search.
options thing Thing with options.


Option Type Description
deep int Specify how deep the thing must be searched. (defaults to 1)
limit int Specify a limit of how many results must be search for. (defaults to 1)

Return value

Returns a new list with search results. An empty list is returned if nothing is found. Each result contains a thing with a parent, parent_type, key and key_type.


Using search() to find a thing with id 123 using deep level 5:

.search(thing(123), {deep: 5});

Return value in JSON format

        "key": "example",
        "key_type": "thing",
        "parent": {
            "#": 3
        "parent_type": "thing"

The above result means that thing with Id 123 can be found at thing(3).example