Function Description
assign Copies properties from a thing.
clear Remove all properties from a thing.
copy Copy a thing to a new thing. A Type is not preserved.
del Remove a property.
dup Duplicate a thing while preserving the Type.
each Iterate over all properties of a thing.
equals Test if two things are equal.
filter Return a new thing with properties that pass a given test.
get Return the value of a property on a thing by a given property name.
has Determine if a thing has a given property.
id Return id of the thing or nil when the thing is not stored.
keys Return a list with all the property names of a thing.
len Return the number of items.
map Return a list with the results of calling a provided closure on every property.
set Create a new property on a thing.
to_type Converts a thing into an instance of a Type.
values Return a list with all the property values of a thing.
wrap Wrap the thing with a Type.