Enable or disable hide-id for an existing Type.

When hide_id is enabled, this type will not return the Id property to the client unless deep is equal to zero (0) in which case only the Id is returned. This last behavior is different from the NO_IDS flag which can be used for example with the return statement. (The NO_IDS flag would return empty things when deep is 0)


mod_type(type, 'hid', mode)


Argument Type Description
type str Name of the Type where to set hide-id on or off.
'hid' str Passing this argument will result in a set-hide_id action.
mode bool Enable or disable hide-id.

Return value

The value nil.


This code shows the return value for the action hid:

// Create type `Person`
set_type('Person', {
    name: 'str',

// Set type Person to hide the id
mod_type('Person', 'hid', true);

.iris = Person{name: "Iris"};

.iris; // Notice that Iris is stored but still is returned without Id.

Return value in JSON format

    "name": "Iris"