This is the ThingsDB documentation for version v0, click here for the latest version!


Set timer arguments.

If less than the required arguments are given, then the remaining arguments will be set using nil. More arguments than the closure accepts are simply removed and thus not used.

When the timer is created in the @thingsdb scope, only type nil, int, float, bool, str, bytes, datetime and regex are allowed as argument values.

This function generates an event.


set_timer_args(timer, args)


Argument Type Description
timer int (required) Timer to set new arguments for.
args list (required) List with timer arguments.

Return value

Returns nil when successful. A lookup_err() is raised if the timer does not exist.


This code will will be called every minute for 10 times and then it the timer will be removed.

    |timer, x| {
        set_timer_args(timer, [x+1]);
        if (x == 10, {
            del_timer(timer);  // stop this timer