This is the ThingsDB documentation for version v0, click here for the latest version!

Timers API

A timer in ThingsDB is a closure that is attached to a scope and runs at a scheduled time. Timers may be configured with a repeat value (at least 30 seconds) or as a one-time schedule.

Timers can be used in the @thingsdb scope and in @collection scopes.

Timers always have a unique Id by which they can be identified.

Function description
del_timer Delete an existing timer.
has_timer Check if a timer exists.
new_timer Create a new timer.
run Run a timer (runs the closure with the timer arguments).
set_timer_args Change timer arguments.
timer_args Get the current timer arguments.
timer_info Show information about a timer.
timers_info Show information about all timers in the current scope.