Change the module configuration. This will (re-send) the module configuration to the module. If the module was not started, ThingsDB will also auto-load the module and send the configuration. Any Value is accepted as config but value nil will not be considered as a configuration and thus will not be send to the module.

This function generates an event.


set_module_conf(name, configuration)


Argument Type Description
name str (required) Name of the module.
configuration any/nil (required) New configuration for the module. The configuration will be packed using a fixed deep value of two (2). Value nil is an exception and can be used if the module does not require any configuration.

Return value

Returns nil if successful.


This code changes the module configuration for module DEMO:

set_module_conf('DEMO', {
    user: 'admin',
    password: 'pass'

Return value in JSON format