This is the ThingsDB documentation for version v0, click here for the latest version!


Creates a new procedure to the @thingsdb or a @collection scope. The name of the procedure must be unique within the scope. The given closure will be copied to the procedure, so this is not a reference to the given closure.

This function generates an event.


new_procedure(name, closure)


Argument Type Description
name str (required) Name of the new procedure.
closure closure (required) Closure which will be attached to the procedure.

Return value

Returns the name of the new procedure. A lookup_err() is raised if the procedure already exists.


Create a new procedure add_one:

// Create a new procedure `add_one`
new_procedure('add_one', |x| {
    "Adds one to a given value";
    x + 1;

Return value in JSON format