Returns counters for the ThingsDB node in the selected scope. Counters start all at zero when ThingsDB is started, or when the counters are reset by using reset_counters()'.

Counters give information about things, queries and events. If you suspect failed queries, then the counters might provide you with more information.

Counter Description
average_event_duration The average event duration in seconds. Event duration is measured from the time an event is created (before the final Id is assigned), until the actual event is committed to ThingsDB.
average_query_duration The average query duration in seconds. Query duration is measured from the time a query (or procedure run) request is unpacked, until the response is created to send back to the client.
events_committed Events committed since last the counters reset.
events_failed Failed events. This is a critical counter which should be 0.
events_killed Killed events took too long for receiving the READY status. These events may be processed later.
events_quorum_lost Number of times this node did not get an event Id accepted by the quorum of nodes. An event Id will not be accepted if another node is attempting to assign the same event Id. This is not an issue since the node will just try another event Id. It only indicates the number of collisions occurred while trying to assign an event Id.
events_skipped Events which cannot be committed since an event with a higher id is already processed.
events_unaligned Number of times an event cannot be pushed to the end of the queue and needs re-ordering.
events_with_gap Events which are committed but at least one event id was skipped.
garbage_collected Number of things which are garbage collected.
largest_result_size Largest query result size in bytes. Check node_info() to see the maximum allowed query result size.
longest_event_duration Longest event duration, in seconds. Event duration is measured from the moment an event is created, until the event is finished. During AWAY mode, a node will still create events, but waits before processing events and thus may result in rather long duration values.
longest_query_duration Longest query duration, in seconds.
queries_from_cache Number of queries which are loaded from cache.
queries_success Number of queries where this node acted as the master node and the query has successful finished.
queries_with_error Number of queries where this node acted as the master node but the query has returned with an error.
started_at UNIX time-stamp in seconds when the counters started counting. See reset_counters().
wasted_cache Number of cached queries which are cleaned from the cache without ever being used.
watcher_failed The value is increased if an update could not be forwarded to a registered watcher.

This function does not generate an event.





Return value

Returns the current counter values.


This code will return node counter values:

// Returns the current counters for the node in this scope

Example return value in JSON format

    "average_event_duration": 0.0002218758461538461,
    "average_query_duration": 0.00007062491772151898,
    "events_committed": 26,
    "events_failed": 0,
    "events_killed": 0,
    "events_quorum_lost": 0,
    "events_skipped": 0,
    "events_unaligned": 0,
    "events_with_gap": 0,
    "garbage_collected": 0,
    "largest_result_size": 778,
    "longest_event_duration": 0.000295981,
    "longest_query_duration": 0.000152664,
    "queries_from_cache": 63,
    "queries_success": 159,
    "queries_with_error": 0,
    "started_at": 1590496024,
    "wasted_cache": 9,
    "watcher_failed": 0