Returns counters for the ThingsDB node in the selected scope. Counters start all at zero when ThingsDB is started, or when the counters are reset by using reset_counters()'.

Counters give information about things, queries and events. If you suspect failed queries, then the counters might provide you with more information.

Counter Description
average_event_duration The average event duration in seconds.
average_query_duration The average query duration in seconds.
events_committed Events committed since last counters reset.
events_failed Failed events. This is a critical counter which should be 0.
events_killed Killed events took too long for receiving the READY status. These events may be processed later.
events_quorum_lost Number of times a quorum. was not received.
events_skipped Events which cannot be committed since an event with a higher id is already processed. These events are moved to a skipped queue.
events_unaligned Number of times an event cannot be pushed to the end of the queue and needs re-ordering.
events_with_gap Events which are committed but at least one event id was skipped.
garbage_collected Number of things which are garbage collected.
longest_event_duration Longest event duration, in seconds.
longest_query_duration Longest query duration, in seconds.
queries_success Number of queries where this node acted as the master node and the query has successful finished.
queries_with_error Number of queries where this node acted as the master node but the query has returned with an error.
watcher_failed The value is increased if an update could not be forwarded to a registered watcher.

This function does not generate an event.





Return value

Returns the current counter values.


This code will return node counter values:

// Returns the current counters the the node in this scope

Example return value in JSON format

    "average_event_duration": 0.0002218758461538461,
    "average_query_duration": 0.00007062491772151898,
    "events_committed": 26,
    "events_failed": 0,
    "events_killed": 0,
    "events_quorum_lost": 0,
    "events_skipped": 0,
    "events_unaligned": 0,
    "events_with_gap": 0,
    "garbage_collected": 0,
    "longest_event_duration": 0.000295981,
    "longest_query_duration": 0.000152664,
    "queries_success": 159,
    "queries_with_error": 0,
    "watcher_failed": 0