This is the ThingsDB documentation for version v0, click here for the latest version!


Call a closure.

When assigned to a variable, it is not required to explicitly write the call function. Simply calling the closure by using () will work as well.

This function does not generate an event.



The arguments for the closure. If more arguments are given than the closure expects, the redundant arguments will be ignored. If too few arguments are given, then the remaining arguments will be set to nil.

It is not possible to assign default values to arguments but something similar can be accomplished by checking the argument within the closure. See the example below.

Return value

Returns the closure response.


Example code using call:

// create a greet closure
greet = |name| is_str(name)
    ? "Hello " + name
    : "Hello unnamed user!";

// call with a given name
greet_iris ="Iris");

// call with nil, without explicitly writing `.call()`
greet_nil = greet(nil);

// return the greet response values
[greet_iris, greet_nil];

Return value in JSON format

    "Hello Iris",
    "Hello unnamed user!"